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Plan Schemes & FAQ
1. What are the object of the sheep & Wool improvement Scheme SWIS?
  • To increase indigenous wool production.
  • To increase quality of indigenous wool
  • To decrease mortality rate of sheep
  • To increase per wool of production
  • To trined sheep breeder in sheep rearing through modran & scientific technique
  • To improve breed of Indian sleep
  • To provide support to entire chain from shephered to the end customer
  • To provide better returns to domestic wool producers for their products
  • To enhance economic status of breesers
2. Who can apply to implement this SWIS?
Registered NGOs/Trust/Cooperative Society/State Govt. Sheep/Wool Board, Federation, Cooperation/Sangh etc.
3. How to apply for SWIS?
Board has prescribed format. The applicant must have to fill up along with the project proposal; all attested required documents/informations/data etc.
4. What are the Components of SWIS?
Support for survey & Study, Registration of flocks, Project formulation, Training, Breed improvement, Health Care, Grading & Marketing assistance, Setting up of Multi Purpose Extension Center & Ram Rearing Farm Existing , Overhead expenditure to implementing agency.
5. What is Funding pattern?
CWDB provided 100% amount as grant in aid in installment wise and as per the size of project. Next installment of amount of grant is release after satisfactorly utilization of 1st installment.
6. What is project period?
3 years
7. What is criteria for the sanction of proposal of SWIS?
Project committees examine the project with respect to all parameters of SWIS. The recommendation of project Committee is further put up to Executive Committee of the CWDB for their decision.
8. What is breed improvement component?
There are provision to provided good quality of stud Ram to the breeder to improve their sheep breed as per concern State Govt. Policy to improve sheep breed and quality of wool.
9. What is Health Care of Sheep?
Under this component there are provision to take health care of sheep for hole year to decrease mortality rate, to become sheep more healthy by providing medicine, vaccination treatment dusting etc. so that production of wool increase
10. Who inspect the progress made under the SWIS?
A team constituted by the Board is doing inspection
Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)
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